Our working dogs

Galaxy Farms employes Akbash Guardian dogs for watching the flocks and Border Collies for herding purposes.

The Akbash is a natural choice, as they have a strong protective instinct, intelligence, good health, and striking beauty. The Akbash will protect livestock or children, farm or home. Akbash Dogs have been selected for millenia to act independently, protecting property and charges without commands from people.

Each morning our Collies, Annie and Twig, gather the sheep and drive them to the day's pasture, all on whistle commands. Once the sheep have been led to the right spot for grazing, Mishka stops the flock in mid-run and makes them wait for the "all clear." She patiently checksthe grazing area ahead for any potentialdangers.

When Mishka feels that the area is safe, she Galaxy Farms homereturns and allows the sheep to continue on their way.

Annie, Twig and Mishka watch over the flock while they are grazing, and the Collies bring them back at the end of each day.

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Twig with sheep

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Akbash Guardian dogs

Akbash Dogs

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