Miniature horses

The AMHA-registered American Miniature Horse is a unique breed an elegant, little scaled-down version of the large size horse and cannot be taller than 34 inches when measured at the last hairs of the mane.

Shouldn't you own a Miniature horse?

Because of their gentle, affectionate nature and small size, a miniature horse is an excellent pet. It is not uncommon to have a little nose nuzzling you as you work in the barn or pasture. The foals are particularly lovable as they normally range between 16 and 21 inches in height at birth. Many an owner has yielded to the temptation to pick up a foal like a baby and "rock away."

Many people buy miniatures who have big horses and want their children to love, to know how to care for, and to learn to ride years before they are ready for even the most gentle big horse. As the child outgrows riding the mini, it can be trained to pleasure Galaxy Farms homedrive. They easily pull a cart or small wagon with children and/or adults.

Older people have found the miniature to be an excellent substitute for the full-sized horse they no longer feel physically able to handle.

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Miniature horses

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